About Us:

Restore Solutions India (RSIn) are the Exclusive Sales and Distribution partners of Restore Solutions Inc. – Texas U S A & Restore Solutions Turkey, for the wide range of products of our principals Combustion Technologies Sandy/Utah USA, they specialize in the production of fuel treatment catalyst and lubricant products. Their technology focuses on reducing the ever-increasing problem of emissions of harmful greenhouse gases, resulting in global warming. Their patented Nanotechnology-based products are impacting and improving the air quality in several countries across the world. India as a developing nation has not behind in the ever-increasing emission of harmful gases and air pollution levels; Now with the availability of Combustion Technologies products in India; we aim to make a change for the better and we will…

Mission Statement

India is one of the largest importers of Fossil Fuels in the world. Used in Automobiles, Transportation, Shipping, Industries, power generation and many more industries, there is little control on the emission levels and its ill effects on the environment. The Government is putting in unending efforts to curb the consumption of Fossil Fuels by encouraging the use of alternate energy and trying to keep a check on the emissions through various programs by both Central and State Governments. As a company we intend in helping our Government to narrow the gap of their pledge to reduce consumption through fuel efficiency and improved combustion by using our Clean Boost Fuel Treatment Catalysts to condition their fuel and enhance its ability to produce efficient energy at lower burning temperatures, thus providing continuance and controlled energy to the engines, generators and machines using our fuel treatment additives.


Combustion Technologies is a 25-year-old company having developed and produced Fuel treatment additives, acting as Conditioner and Catalyst to the various types of fuels it gets added into. Their technology is designed to simplify the process of not having to use different additives based on fuel types, Clean Boost Gold can be used in Petrol (Gasoline), Diesel and Bio-Diesel easily and in the same proportion. While Clean Boost HFO is added to Heavy Fuels used in large industrial plants. With another innovative product in the pipeline Clean Boost Coal to improve Coal Combustion too.  Combustion Technologies products are tested and certified by the Environmental Protection Agency of America (EPA). With production standards based on ISO 9001: 2008 international standards and products tested by independent laboratories for their performance strength and their effectiveness verified by research centres such as Battelle Memorial Institute Columbus, Ohio, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas, the Society of Automotive Engineers ("SAE"), SGS/ Herguth Laboratories, Research Laboratories Inc.